The moment you can't feel anything.

You're like, numb.

Why, Hello.
I believe, I can fly.
I'm weird.
There's something wrong with me,
But, I know you still ♥ me! :D

사랑해요, 김준호! ♥



Monday, November 15, 2010
Mistake? ; @ 11:20 PM

Hey, saxyyy. *wink!

Heyhey. I'm back after 1001 years of not updating. Today's update is inspired by my hubby, YapYiYang. LOLOLOL. Cause he was choosing a picture to update too, sooo, heh. :D

Holidays started, yay. Well, not really. This is the last holiday I'll ever have in high school, which is damn damn damn^10001 sad. I'm gonna appreciate the one month++ I have, and put it to good use, which also includes, studying and preparing myself for my SPM. So, ugh man. D: I need to study. Sigh.

Suddenly, it strikes me. I'm thinking, did I choose the right high school to go into? I'm thinking if I've done the wrong choice, of choosing to go into DJ? I'm like, should I have gone into SriAman instead? Have I got myself into the wrong bunch of friends? Sigh. My life is miserable, why the hell am I thinking of these things. Sigh.

Anyways, shall not ponder on those things, as there's more happiness to look forward to in life. BE POSITIVE, + + +. I'm psychotic. Mum's thinking of going to HK & China during CNY next year, to go playyyyyy at all the theme parks there. HEHEHEHE. I'm excited.